Stringking Mark 2a Unstrung Lacrosse Head


With their recent breakthrough into the lacrosse head market, StringKing has taken their knowledge of mesh and shooting strings and has translated into an incredibly successful line of heads trusted by pros all around the MLL. Enter the Mark 2 series, their highest performing heads.

The Mark 2 series comes with an option for every style of play, starting with the Mark 2A Unstrung Lacrosse Head. StringKing engineered the Mark 2A with a lower side profile and a slightly pinched face shape that gives you unmatched control when cradling vertically. The Mark 2A also features a larger offset and a slightly flatter scoop to give offensive players a quicker and more accurate release.

By identifying high-impact areas, StringKing was able to use material more effectively to create a tougher head that won’t weight you down. They were also able to remove material from low-stress areas, making the Mark 2A lighter for faster hands, powerful shots, and the accuracy you need to hit your target.

29 sidewall holes make it easier than ever to string up and customize the perfect pocket.


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